Altcoin weekend trading for dummies, yes we all do but should we, I for one thinks no for sure.

Yes other regulated markets keeps open in after market trading but Altcoins is very different. Its not unheard of coins dropping all week gains right back to where the started at the beginning of the week.

Being an ex currency trader in my early years I can only think its because financial institutions through the week can inject huge levels of cash where at weekends they can’t.

The good news for most dummies is the prices in most part return to normal the following weeks ahead.

For long-term investors this is to them merely an annoyance and has no impact on them personally and to be fair as long as your aware your hard earned profits can drop like 30% in a mater of weekend hours its all good.

One of the ways to combat this is to stop trading around 11pm GMT on the Friday night but if the sell off is so steep investors spots it and puts in huge buy orders you then find out buying back in costs even more and the fees for playing safe was a waste of time and money.

If you find a project (altcoins) and you like their future ideas then stick to it but remember at all times only invest what you can afford to lose stick to providers like Coinbase and Swissborg until you lightly experiment with other exchanges to like and trust.

Yes you can make a lot of money on altcoins but weekends are a living nightmare where individual investors seems to just use it as a selling opportunity to far to resist!