Altcoin REN times 50 is it possible well this author is indeed siting on it and I think like so many others the market cap will exceed 20 billion dollars.

The REN project is all about bridging other cryptocurrencies therefore if Apple comes in or the Arabs they will need the black nodes that this project produces.

The coins are already on the market place holders of the black nodes will keep them and the token will get rarer and the price goes up, its not rocket science guys!

Are we financial advisors, NO we are not, are we reporting the Altcoin latest news NO we are not but we think in a bull market and if its all about quality then this token has much more going for it then most right now.

For the price its currently at it could be the best bargain on the altcoin market and as its part of many high values exchanges it has liquidity in spades. 

No-one has a crystal ball in altcoins its more to do with some skill, mostly luck and having money on great value projects so 1 out of 3 is great.

Having said that never ever invest money on altcoins unless you can afford to lose everything, they are risky but great fun for a few dollars to play with using the SWISSBORG app, get your FREE bitcoins once you deposit just 50 EUR you get a scratch card worth up to 100 EUR in bitcoins if you do Just use this link to free usable BITCOIN dosh in less than a nano second?