Altcoins, Bitcoin Secret Algorithms, all the big boys have them but for the little guys like us we have to have a system of understanding only what their buying and selling orders kicks in.

At Altcoin Latest News we think we are close into fully understanding most high financial houses strategies are by closely following the markets its dips, its dives off the cliff jobs.

We love Ren but we did say last Thursday it was about to pop but 200% was predicted by no-one including us Last Friday saw it climb to $1.82 only to fall to just $1.30 last night then today it fell like a stone.

We came out at 1.78 early sat morning GMT and went back in at 1,26 this morning and watch it fall to its low of 1.03 its always better to use small amounts of stakes to watch its movements not using your hard earned seems a pointless exercise when trying to understand cryptocurrency markets.

Massive sudden drop offs is a sure way of knowing its about to bounce more than half its losses but try telling that to those that needs to make it work for their families we know it a living nightmare.

To those of us in it for the long-term stupid huge falls and rises means nothing at all.

If your new only 2 things you need to watch out for market cap prices and coin prices don’t worry about the percentages they move in 24 hour cycles from what it was doing 24 hours ago.

So keep tuned we are here for the little guys, us and you and hopefully we will better understand what the ALTCOINS SECRET ALGORYTHMS are.