Altcoins dives into a see of red right across the board and the scary part this no-longer looks like a Decentralised zone, it looks more bog like free market greed.

Yes the blockchain might well be on the money but its strange all these coins dive together in a similar amount relative to their cap market values!

This is very unusual for this to happen which might mean the stock market is having some fun and showing altcoin investors they still run everything.

So every youtuber specialist has been wrong footed and rubbished because 95% never even see it coming which means most personal investors got burnt at around 25% on average long-termers face a long wait perhaps to break even.

I for one lost 30% over last few days from a combination of long-term investments and buying more REN in an off the cliff slide, we all live and learn I guess but like we say ONLY INVEST what we can afford to loose?

Although I was still crying none the less lol.