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    ENJIN (ENJ) altcoin is a strong buy in the next few days after most market analysts have predicted a buy from early morning GMT.

    ENJ is a fantastic project with over 2 billion digital assets already their control and built on the ETH platform.

    Before this latest setback on Thursday to further dent altcoin confidence it was set to go to 3 all time highs in just one day.

    Its third rise was only halted by wall street jitters on the American open and matched its earlier high of $1.51 before dropping to a low of $1.15 before support level at $1.21 for most of Friday.

    As far as altcoins go ENJ, REN and SWISSBORG are great coins with great potentials and are good long-term bets these days.

    Remember we treat these so-called investments as a bit of fun, yes others take it mega serious, some even get really lucky and make a small fortune but in all honesty these are very risky investments and anyone who says there not is lying.

    So only stake what you can afford to lose as far as a paying hobby goes there might be no better way to work in your spare time with your spare cash.


    post update on the 12th of march 2021 it had doubled to $2.18 per token.

    1 Comment on "ENJIN ALTCOIN STRONG BUY."

      “Here was our prediction in full a few days ago posted on this website”.
      How on earth did you guys get this so right when other market experts get it so wrong, I know your new but I took a punt at $10000 I made a 10,000 profit on the way to the moon and although its down 10% I dont care, thanks guys you have now sold me to this website going forward.

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