Altcoins markets in March has been a bit of a mixed bag while bitcoin got to an all-time high although the next it fell by around 11%.

We still love ENJIN (ENJ) and Swissborg and our authors still love ETH and BTC although am not a fan!

ENJ expanded and reached a 1.10 dollar gain last Sunday into Monday but this Friday see’s the launch of their game AGE OF RUST that will create one of the largest digital assets  and the ongoing experiment for NFT’S

Swissborg is an interesting coin we use their exchanges to trade most ETH coins and tokens they have already went 3x since 7 weeks ago.

With Swissborg if the market is utter crap the day before expect a pop the next day on this coin, please don’t ask why it just is.

Their reward program has to be one of the best out there in altcoin land so if newbies join its simple and very professional and payments in and more importantly out again is completed within 0.3 of a Nano second some well known exchanges might take a few hours to complete.

We are holding enjin coin/tokens till at least the summer so if you lose so do we!

In fact am all-in on enjin only because I love their project and what they are trying to do going forward.

But remember we are not financial advisors we are just hobby guys that’s done as well as we can.

The biggest bit of advice is buy on the lows sell on the highs but if you pick great projects in the top 200 coins stick on dosh on them and don’t trade and remember this is risky as hell so only stake what you can afford to lose.

The exchanges are however very safe and Swissborg has to be my personal pick to start with free bitcoin cash please hit this image and happy investing.

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