ENJ down but we think its still a great buying opportunity of getting in on a low dip before the big rise?

At 21.40 GMT it was sitting at $2.15 around 30% down from its all time high a few weeks ago and down 10% in last 24h period but this is what altcoins is all about!

Our ENJIN portfolio is staying put we are into this coin for the long haul, yes we can trade the margins but constant profits are great if that’s what your about but every time you trade and buy back in you get less coin as an end result.

We think in a few months ENJ will between $5-10 so we are betting we will come out on top if not like all altcoin investor’s we can afford to lose it but again as this is the greatest NFT coin the chances of that happening is almost zero, we say very hopefully!

Most of the YouTube channels recons its an easy x10 to $20 per coin/token in 6 months time so we will see soon enough besides its got a better chance that most.

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