ENJ coin pops again to $2.52 in early trading, up $0.55c or there a bouts since just before Asian markets opened on Wednesday morning.

I know we are starting to sound like an old broken record but we told our readers so, yesterday lots of market watchers were saying ENJIN was going to $1.80 lows before it hit the support level.

Volumes started rising last night even though it touched $1.98 before the coin popped up again.

We are all-in on this project and we think getting to $10 is easy although volumes suggest there’s lots of margin selling in our view that’s short sighted with this particular coin.

Holding the coin that has this potential for growth is smarter than stupid little trades great if you have no-fees to pay like the big boys but all your doing is getting less and less coins on the buy backs.

The secret in most coins is find a good one and invest for the long term which in altcoins other than the top 10 is hard to find from the off.

We think ENJIN is a safe NFT future proofer although one of our team thinks small trades are better at the end of the day its up to you our readers but since I started with ENJ my SWISSBORG ACCOUNT (CLICK HERE FOR FREE BITCOIN CASH) has grown like nothing before as I am not trading on this coin I am in effect a boring Enjin coin holder!

At 10.52 GMT enjin was trading at $1.49 heading towards its next resistance level of $1.80just in time for our American friends to push it on to the moon!

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