ENJ Coin Jumpnet launched yesterday and it was a marketing disaster, sorry but it was just like their game Game of Rust but have no fear they can only get better, we hope!

They only released the news its was live on twitter who still uses twitter these days, laugh out loud?

They might well have one of the best blockchain teams on the planet but its not much use if the marketing team come across the crypto world as rank armatures.

We are all SEO experts on this site yet even we struggled to find any jumpnet news on the web in the last few days its scary stuff.

Thank god their products are stunning and the whales jumped back in a few hours ago when it approached $2 and at the time of writing is at $2.48 with profit taking after reaching $2.78 this afternoon GMT.

At least we have Marc Aurel Investments to explain this further and we agree 100% with his take on this PR disaster hopefully this can be sorted by the time infinity is released to the crypto world.


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