Altcoin Crash the Greenbacks Fault, printing more and more money has its problems and if Governments don’t control it they make steps to try and regain some come control.

I say the genie is out of the lamp, they are far too late, notice it happens in Asia at a weekend yeh, right!

To American leak of course it was, see if it happened during normal office hours it would have sent the bond market into freefall so the idea was to simply scare the markets and the little guys into selling.

It will fail all that will happen is the big retailers will buy more cheaper like it always does.

Altcoin projects such as ENJIN and UTRUST will be required forever whether they are regulated or not period, now BTC am not so sure for a coin that technically provides no real benefit other than being a cryptocurrency!

The world has moved on DEFI is here to stay as is digital smart contracts so anyone reading this that wants it regulated, no-chance!

Governments will have to make a statement denying the rumour is true or all hell will break in the stock markets around the world you cant break a $2 trillion market cap and think its not going to hurt bond markets is for the birds to be honest.

But its a great buying opportunity today for the brave little investors out there, I am one such hence I mentioned UTRUST one of the best crypto security experts in the field today, so I said thank you Mr greenback your good at printing money but great for hunting altcoin bargains, we thank you for your total financial mismanaging of your main currency that you NEED cryptocurrencies to help the greenback its silly.

Back to normal altcoin business next week, he says very hopefully, remember I said yesterday to smile its crypto after all!