Altcoin blood bath shakes crypto confidence so bad it might take weeks to recover and bloom again with most projects down by one third in value in the last 48 hours.

There is zero fundamental reasons for this particular sell off at this time other than alleged insider dealing and switching off the lights in a bitcoin mining city in China proves this is all getting rather silly.

Retail and individual bots have been programmed to sell, sell and lets just sell some more for good measure has shaken short term investors to their very core.

It’s mostly their fault for a correction that never was it was built on individual greed, on any other planet how does that work?

Now some are saying it was central governments at play here, could be but given the world has no choice in a digital future then the only long-term losers are themselves.

All that will happen going forward is changes to the algorithms of these BOTS and if was them which I doubt it most likely wont ever happen again.

It is however strange that most loses are from brilliant projects out there perhaps the retail trade are just taking advantage for an even greater killing in a few days time no-one makes money by killing a market that generates billions.

So if your a holder or huddler your crying but at least you have not spent a small fortune in fees and exchange transactions and this is a great time for all our exchanges who never lose in times like these other than when the dust settles how many little investors are left is the real question?

Well they don’t bully us we are long-term investors am in ENJ the other authors are in others including the top 3 coins but the cause of the slide shows things better pep all very soon or investor confidence might be dead forever!

One last point there’s something else going on here, take ENJIN for example the volume was $300m or there a bout’s but the actual market cap is much lower which leads mathematical geniuses like us to come to terms that it was all sell orders when we know and saw loads more buy orders come in so has the market been manipulated even further, watch this space and as we say its crypto just smile, crap happens in crypto but when its good we easily forget times like these.