ENJIN coin YouTube health warning for all budding ENJ adopters whatever you do don’t watch the latest videos on this coin as they are total crap.

Yes 3 days after the corrections or whatever it was every ENJIN coin predication is full of gloom and doom when this site stated there was nothing wrong, its one of the greatest projects out there.

Having a bit-coin nightmare does not mean an alt coin project goes down the drain take what you hear with a pinch of salt ENJ will deliver the goods just like Marc says in his enjin video’s, follow him if no one else here?

Now there’s also a few chancers being so conservative with price predictions anyone can predict them that are so low they cant help but get it right its silly season guys.

Since this morning 9;00 HRS GMT its went up from $1.17 to $1.75 at 04;31 a one day jump of $0.58c so far in one day check out all the recent enj video’s and get a great laugh only one recent one kind of got it right but most of the film was about the downside.

Good job the retail traders knows best! And us?