Whales Are Killing Cryptocurrency.

Whales Are Killing Cryptocurrency.

Whales Are Killing Cryptocurrency STONE DEAD for the little guys, anyone notice at certain times of the day all over the world our crypto is dropping off a cliff and it has nothing to do with day trading or normal profit taking.

This in our opinion is out and out greed because the whales and the etailers can only for the coins to drop around 10% only for them to climbback up to new session highs.

It took a few days to get evidence of this new trend all in a plan to shake us little guys before altcoin prices look to artifically low people in power might think its fixed and has to be regulated after all.

We are but one website claiming its happening, its obvious what is going on with every coin that soon with go 5-10 x.

So we say smile, watch and learn and do nothing at let them whales and large banks shake you to death, remember we are in crypto for a laugh 90% knew its as risky as hell pick your altcoin/s and stay the course untill you decide to check out on your terms not theres.

There is no fundemental reasons for these coins to all dip at once, so its planned and we think by greedy whales before the big blast off to the moon and beyond remember unlike most good scams investors lose everything good coins attached to good projects will always have a strong value like enjin although do your own research.

Remember if you pay fees rather than being a hodler like us your balances lately on fees must be out of this world and if you stayed in 1 asset count the cost yourselves so right now dont be fooled get even!