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Month: May 2021



ENJIN Coin Price Predictions are so hard to quantify there’s no point speculating beyond doing what we crypto investors do best, pick a coin or tokens and hope for the best!

Now the fact we on this site loves ENJIN, CHILIZ, UTRUST, KNC, ETH, BTC, ADA, AAVE and a few others because we invest ourselves and some of us are DE-FI experts in their own right predicting coin prices is so hard its impossible to judge.

Any site that does is just looking for web traffic, moreover with the last price crash all coins died a death together no matter how good their actual projects were.

We have been in crypto along time and its only fair to tell our growing army of fans that price predictions are for the birds, now charting is a little different and the professionals use and act on it all the time.

They are good at alerting you of the potential pumps but don’t tell you how long it will last for but for short term day trading it can be an option.

For what its worth before ENJ hit $4 each we thought it was a $10 coin all day long and the reason we held and was huddling even after a 75% fall to under $1 but came back this morning when it was only $1.15c I was watching increasing volumes and knew it was about pump big!

No-one saw it coming yet we did and we don’t chart or predict anything shows its not an exact science therefore stick to great projects you like and stick with it.

If the project is fantastic then if there’s no bad news and the coin or token drops like hell buy at the bottom of the dip the whales wants it just like happened with ENJIN last few weeks.

But to prove our point further have a look at the work carried out here for ENJIN and spot the errors.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2023 (



We are back on our favourite coin with ENJIN Coin, we moved our position with Chiliz but we watch all coins closely we just think Enjin will perform better over the short to medium term but smile a lot because after all its only crypto!

This morning proved it was time to jump ship as we are close to 40% up on the day so far and one of the largest one day gainers.

All enjin needs now is a better marketing team and off to the moon we go, we wish chiliz all the best and I will be investing again in just a few days time as they are both cracking NFT projects.




We told you yesterday that greed and the whales were going to far in this market and was one of the only news outlets that stuck our necks out and said so!

Anyone new to the altcoin markets reading this story whatever you do dont listen to charters or sites that give you the so-called actionable actions as everyone of them yesterday was telling investors to SELL not BUY.

The main reason they failed and got it wrong was they dont control the markets the whales do along with electronic bots that sell and buy at the whim of the big boys.

The best part is from here or yesterday the market will top out again after a 150-250% before MUSK opens his gob again and we are back to square one all over again.

We have learned though capitulation only works if the market panicks and sells, we think more and more sellers will be asking why they did that?

Take CHILIZ 80% of its huddlers hold the stock yet it dropped 70% in value so how does that work ah minipulation you may say, well thats what we think unless someone else has the definitive answer other than this one?

To new investors what does this mean for you, well you pays your money and you join the rest of us on a jorney of discovery we are but followers in most part to the whims and desires of the whales when they profit take so do we.

It is like the little fish that follow great white sharks they always get a free meal if you stick close to your meal tickets directions its no different here.

Now it goes without question to do the above you basically come to this as a day trader or your a speculator (a hope for the best merchant) most of this author team is huddlers we take the pain but in reality its only short term paper losses we only sell when we choose too not when the whales wants us to?

If day trading is your idea we will explain tomorrow how we do it and with who and why them on particular.

More on this story here.




Never have I seen a market being so controlled to this point where the mega rich decides if a project survives or crashes out of existence.

Like the usual we now say it like we find it and yesterdays trading example was the worst example yet of market manipulation that’s not been seen in years.

It’s not meant to be this way, it’s all meant to me about individual projects  is any wonder not a single project has made a PR statement as yet.

So it seems the projects are either terrified to say anything or they all know things our community does not!

We are still sticking the course there is no fundamental reasons why many altcoins are now down 75% from 4 weeks ago therefore it has to be down to the whales and their programmed bots driving the markets down to the point where they get everything cheap as chips.

Yesterday saw every coin going up and down at exactly the same time, the only way for this to work is by programmed buy and sell bots controlled by the whales and market watchers instantly spotting the change of direction making them even richer in a downward manner

Well they can if they want huddlers don’t care about short term huge losses De-Fi can’t survive unless there’s a very large pot of money coming from investor’s and this is no-way to encourage future  investment unless they were all in the plan start with to drive prices down and back up together.

They think we are all stupid but unlike a pyramid schemes where them that’s late to the party lose out we sill own the actual coins and our long-term goals will be met no-matter how the whales are trying to screw the little guys.

Take my 2 favourite altcoins both ENJIN and CHILIZ, they both have done so much business since the price downturn started in a fair market they both should have a $6-12 Billion market cap instead of this current price therefore its low level price action is NOT sustainable or the entire altcoin market is in great danger of dying forever.

BTC was always over sold that’s why there’s 10k altcoin registered projects out there and the reason ETH will overcome them as the market cap leaders no-matter what happens in the future.

Altcoins is for a hobby not a day to day living, we all know the risks of losing it all but that’s just a small large scale monetary loss the coins and tokens are still held by us.

If you trust the project stick with it, show the whales we are in it for the long haul, if your reading this and don’t follow our thoughts than get out of the market its not for you guys, there’s no shame in that.

We are buying the dip because we know its all BS and the market has to turn soon or even the whales huge virtual goldmines will stop feeding their bank balances forever and we all know they never bite off the hands that feeds it?

If its news to you you read it first here!



Altcoin huddlers are being hoodwinked by Bots programmed to sell and buy on mass and its killing the cryptocurrency markets and yes we will call it out if we observe it happening.

To prove this is happening open your favourite chart tables then pick another 3 projects at random in MS Edge drag them so all four are showing together.

Hit the 1 minute chart tables and watch how the sell and buy bots are working in tandem its crazy scary especially just before the Asian, European and American market opens.

In Asia its like 2 hours before most coins are dropping 2-5% each night in fact day traders could be making their money by this stupid practices alone but if the whales wants to play dirty I suspect it wont be long before others follow suit only making the entire market even more volatile and all down to whales trying to hoodwink and spook the altcoin markets.

Don’t take our word for it do the above for the next 14 day keeps a record of the times and prices yourselves.

The image below shows an image today taken at 2022 hrs GMT for CHILIZ and ENJIN coins how is it possible they are both following the same tracks and the same price point if it was not being at best planned or at worst fixed?

If its news to you you read it first here!   



It was always going to come to pass that the rich would buy BTC as the poor dived out of the cryptocurrency all together, well it wont work!

All the top banks are on one hand publicly telling the world crypto is bad for ones health nut privately telling their rich clients to buy the very same digital assets.

When the market goes up 30% per day the poor say thank you very much, when it drops 30% they bail out and the rich ends up getting your future profits.

We keep saying altcoin projects with a great team and know-how wont bail out because their market value cap dropped 50% yesterday will they.

How is it every bad news day turns out that the only winners are the rich, altcoins is a hobby nothing more nothing less for most of our readership so if its your day trading business this story is not for you but the rest of us says no we are in it for the long haul we can play chicken as long as the rich guys or we are doomed to be poor forever! Not much change there then!


Turns out, THE CRASH was a rehashed story from reutters from 4 YEARS AGO! Who says big business was not behind it all, well we never sold in fact we bought big into ENJ and CHILIZ!



If your into just the NFT part of the crypto market this is actulally a great day for you as the news out of China that they will stop using crypto for payments is going to hurt them more than they now relise.

China can’t stop De-Fi it truth no governments can its a runaway train with unlimited tracks.

But its great news for all us NFT buyers and holders as as the likes of Chiliz and Enjin are now the go to crypto safe heaven so much so I steamed in first thing this morning and picked a few juicy NFT bargains myself.

Its just a case of central Governments kicking themselves they missed the cryptocurrency boat and and feel the best way to compete is by throwing the dummies out and at the same time do what the rest of us experts atr doing buying the dips,

Its not financial advice its just common sense and just smile after all this is just altcoins in the very early days, NFT’s are the future they always were and in a few years time we will all be proved to be right, he says hopefully.

Remember its just a hobby till it becomes more so only invest if you can afford to lose it all yet rge same can be said about any investments and theres no reason for anyone to claim otherwise.

Its rather curious though how Swissborg decided to do a systems refresh on the european open this morning perhaps this news from china was not as the bolt out of the blue as some thought?



Chiliz Coin is about to pump again like theres no tomorrow at only $0.42-44 tonight don’t say we never told you.

While the market has been consumed by the yanks selling to pay their taxes or Musk being the clown he always has been to the whales trying the scare hoddlers to death chiliz has stayed solid at 39-45 cent range while all other coins has dropped like a stone.

In recent weeks they have been busy signing up just about every sports teams the world of sport wants to engage in fan tokens and they can’t do that unless they but the coins firstn very clever!

Below the source from

CHZ Price Live Data

The live Chiliz price today is $0.419374 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $403,845,526 USD. Chiliz is up 4.96% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #58, with a live market cap of $2,432,351,438 USD. It has a circulating supply of 5,799,955,194 CHZ coins and a max. supply of 8,888,888,888 CHZ coins.

If you would like to know where to buy Chiliz, the top exchanges for trading in Chiliz are currently BinanceHuobi GlobalOKExFTX, and CoinTiger. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

What is Chiliz?

Chiliz (CHZ) is the leading digital currency for sports and entertainment, powering the world’s first blockchain-based fan engagement & rewards platform Fans can purchase & trade branded Fan Tokens as well as having the ability to participate, influence, and vote in club-focused surveys & polls. Founded in Malta in 2018, the company’s vision is to bridge the gap between the active and passive fan, providing millions of sports fanatics a Fan Token which acts as a tokenized share of influence.




This is getting ridicules two days in a row at the same time all altcoins takes a dive off the cliff for a 20% nosedive into the abyss only for then to recover losses in a few minutes.

Yes it might be the whales and yes we know their greed for it all has no bounds but driving the little guys out just to satisfy their utter greed and given the de-fi market hawks are watching it just amazes me why we all stay in this stupid game of chicken!

Whatever anyone says even stock markets don’t dive that quick of-course they don’t use block-chain the same way!

Its being caused by selling bots being programmed to sell big all over the globe then when it hits the low number the same bots start buying up everything cheaper, well we know their game now and we made a small fortune ourselves so thank you for that!

Its easy for others to follow suit all one has to do is follow your own coins progress early evening if its going up fast sell at top and wait till the 1 min charts shows it shooting up if the whales can do it so can we?

We can do do that if we are lucky enough to get on our exchanges to make the trades which is a living nightmare for investors using slow internet connections.

We are honest investors, get a grip guys there’s no need for these self inflicted wounds that will force the regulators hands unless of-course it was their idea’s?



Altcoin Market Corrections are meant to cool the markets not go on the opposite directions all due to BTC dying and ETH expanding.

So the market dropped between 10-20% last night within 6 minutes and altough we saw it happening most exchanges crashed and trading was haled for around 25 minutes across the market place.

The main target we think was ETH but in reality all it did was make it obvious its in reality one of the strongest coins currently.

As we stated beforea the whales are killing this market place or its by design by greedy etailers wanting to drop every little investor so they can mop up the spoils as cheap as chips.

Just keep a look out on the 1 minute charts for big movements as most corrections comes a few hours before the Asian markets opens up for early morning trading, so just be aware.

We dropped our enjin, well I did in favour of CHILIZ only reason was because I heard they were in talks with my Scottish football team, Aberdeen FC.

If its untrue I dont care as they have a better marketing team than ENJIN when ENJ addresses that big problem I will return but NFT’s are the altcoin future and again the whales are are circlying the small fish ready for the quick kill to max out their profits down the line.

No-one will tell you altcoins is currently for the faint hearted or a quick get rich past-time although it is for many, just remember dont invest in altcoins unless you can lose it all and not worry about it, stick to great projects they will deliver in the end.

Best advice is to just smile and take it on the chin, take it like a man or woman, remember its only crypto!