ENJ Coin Marketing Team Sucks at marketing their own products, I know some readers might think we are going a little strong but Crypto is all about hype as it is having great projects but both go together and projects can fail on a lot less.

There is no doubt they are a fantastic project and the reason this site is in it for the long haul but they need to pull the finger out and get their message out more, so far its been chronic at best, amateurish at worst!

Some long-term investors are getting fed-up with stupid tweets and most youtubers are getting less and less which only makes the lack of interest in the coin even worse.

Just how a potential $10B plus company can get this bad at marketing is quite shocking and the top 20 altcoin wannabe will be lucky to stay in the top 100 at this rate,

Here’s hoping they get a great marketing team in soon or they will just be another altcoin failure by not getting the basics right.

The purpose of running at altcoin website is to say it how it is, we are investors ourselves so we are sorry if this comes across a little strong its just how we feel as just like Marc Aurel Investments only difference is we are still in and this is just an interested blogger with constructive criticism.