Altcoin Market Corrections are meant to cool the markets not go on the opposite directions all due to BTC dying and ETH expanding.

So the market dropped between 10-20% last night within 6 minutes and altough we saw it happening most exchanges crashed and trading was haled for around 25 minutes across the market place.

The main target we think was ETH but in reality all it did was make it obvious its in reality one of the strongest coins currently.

As we stated beforea the whales are killing this market place or its by design by greedy etailers wanting to drop every little investor so they can mop up the spoils as cheap as chips.

Just keep a look out on the 1 minute charts for big movements as most corrections comes a few hours before the Asian markets opens up for early morning trading, so just be aware.

We dropped our enjin, well I did in favour of CHILIZ only reason was because I heard they were in talks with my Scottish football team, Aberdeen FC.

If its untrue I dont care as they have a better marketing team than ENJIN when ENJ addresses that big problem I will return but NFT’s are the altcoin future and again the whales are are circlying the small fish ready for the quick kill to max out their profits down the line.

No-one will tell you altcoins is currently for the faint hearted or a quick get rich past-time although it is for many, just remember dont invest in altcoins unless you can lose it all and not worry about it, stick to great projects they will deliver in the end.

Best advice is to just smile and take it on the chin, take it like a man or woman, remember its only crypto!