This is getting ridicules two days in a row at the same time all altcoins takes a dive off the cliff for a 20% nosedive into the abyss only for then to recover losses in a few minutes.

Yes it might be the whales and yes we know their greed for it all has no bounds but driving the little guys out just to satisfy their utter greed and given the de-fi market hawks are watching it just amazes me why we all stay in this stupid game of chicken!

Whatever anyone says even stock markets don’t dive that quick of-course they don’t use block-chain the same way!

Its being caused by selling bots being programmed to sell big all over the globe then when it hits the low number the same bots start buying up everything cheaper, well we know their game now and we made a small fortune ourselves so thank you for that!

Its easy for others to follow suit all one has to do is follow your own coins progress early evening if its going up fast sell at top and wait till the 1 min charts shows it shooting up if the whales can do it so can we?

We can do do that if we are lucky enough to get on our exchanges to make the trades which is a living nightmare for investors using slow internet connections.

We are honest investors, get a grip guys there’s no need for these self inflicted wounds that will force the regulators hands unless of-course it was their idea’s?