If your into just the NFT part of the crypto market this is actulally a great day for you as the news out of China that they will stop using crypto for payments is going to hurt them more than they now relise.

China can’t stop De-Fi it truth no governments can its a runaway train with unlimited tracks.

But its great news for all us NFT buyers and holders as as the likes of Chiliz and Enjin are now the go to crypto safe heaven so much so I steamed in first thing this morning and picked a few juicy NFT bargains myself.

Its just a case of central Governments kicking themselves they missed the cryptocurrency boat and and feel the best way to compete is by throwing the dummies out and at the same time do what the rest of us experts atr doing buying the dips,

Its not financial advice its just common sense and just smile after all this is just altcoins in the very early days, NFT’s are the future they always were and in a few years time we will all be proved to be right, he says hopefully.

Remember its just a hobby till it becomes more so only invest if you can afford to lose it all yet rge same can be said about any investments and theres no reason for anyone to claim otherwise.

Its rather curious though how Swissborg decided to do a systems refresh on the european open this morning perhaps this news from china was not as the bolt out of the blue as some thought?