Altcoin huddlers are being hoodwinked by Bots programmed to sell and buy on mass and its killing the cryptocurrency markets and yes we will call it out if we observe it happening.

To prove this is happening open your favourite chart tables then pick another 3 projects at random in MS Edge drag them so all four are showing together.

Hit the 1 minute chart tables and watch how the sell and buy bots are working in tandem its crazy scary especially just before the Asian, European and American market opens.

In Asia its like 2 hours before most coins are dropping 2-5% each night in fact day traders could be making their money by this stupid practices alone but if the whales wants to play dirty I suspect it wont be long before others follow suit only making the entire market even more volatile and all down to whales trying to hoodwink and spook the altcoin markets.

Don’t take our word for it do the above for the next 14 day keeps a record of the times and prices yourselves.

The image below shows an image today taken at 2022 hrs GMT for CHILIZ and ENJIN coins how is it possible they are both following the same tracks and the same price point if it was not being at best planned or at worst fixed?

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