Never have I seen a market being so controlled to this point where the mega rich decides if a project survives or crashes out of existence.

Like the usual we now say it like we find it and yesterdays trading example was the worst example yet of market manipulation that’s not been seen in years.

It’s not meant to be this way, it’s all meant to me about individual projects  is any wonder not a single project has made a PR statement as yet.

So it seems the projects are either terrified to say anything or they all know things our community does not!

We are still sticking the course there is no fundamental reasons why many altcoins are now down 75% from 4 weeks ago therefore it has to be down to the whales and their programmed bots driving the markets down to the point where they get everything cheap as chips.

Yesterday saw every coin going up and down at exactly the same time, the only way for this to work is by programmed buy and sell bots controlled by the whales and market watchers instantly spotting the change of direction making them even richer in a downward manner

Well they can if they want huddlers don’t care about short term huge losses De-Fi can’t survive unless there’s a very large pot of money coming from investor’s and this is no-way to encourage future  investment unless they were all in the plan start with to drive prices down and back up together.

They think we are all stupid but unlike a pyramid schemes where them that’s late to the party lose out we sill own the actual coins and our long-term goals will be met no-matter how the whales are trying to screw the little guys.

Take my 2 favourite altcoins both ENJIN and CHILIZ, they both have done so much business since the price downturn started in a fair market they both should have a $6-12 Billion market cap instead of this current price therefore its low level price action is NOT sustainable or the entire altcoin market is in great danger of dying forever.

BTC was always over sold that’s why there’s 10k altcoin registered projects out there and the reason ETH will overcome them as the market cap leaders no-matter what happens in the future.

Altcoins is for a hobby not a day to day living, we all know the risks of losing it all but that’s just a small large scale monetary loss the coins and tokens are still held by us.

If you trust the project stick with it, show the whales we are in it for the long haul, if your reading this and don’t follow our thoughts than get out of the market its not for you guys, there’s no shame in that.

We are buying the dip because we know its all BS and the market has to turn soon or even the whales huge virtual goldmines will stop feeding their bank balances forever and we all know they never bite off the hands that feeds it?

If its news to you you read it first here!