ENJIN Coin Price Predictions are so hard to quantify there’s no point speculating beyond doing what we crypto investors do best, pick a coin or tokens and hope for the best!

Now the fact we on this site loves ENJIN, CHILIZ, UTRUST, KNC, ETH, BTC, ADA, AAVE and a few others because we invest ourselves and some of us are DE-FI experts in their own right predicting coin prices is so hard its impossible to judge.

Any site that does is just looking for web traffic, moreover with the last price crash all coins died a death together no matter how good their actual projects were.

We have been in crypto along time and its only fair to tell our growing army of fans that price predictions are for the birds, now charting is a little different and the professionals use and act on it all the time.

They are good at alerting you of the potential pumps but don’t tell you how long it will last for but for short term day trading it can be an option.

For what its worth before ENJ hit $4 each we thought it was a $10 coin all day long and the reason we held and was huddling even after a 75% fall to under $1 but came back this morning when it was only $1.15c I was watching increasing volumes and knew it was about pump big!

No-one saw it coming yet we did and we don’t chart or predict anything shows its not an exact science therefore stick to great projects you like and stick with it.

If the project is fantastic then if there’s no bad news and the coin or token drops like hell buy at the bottom of the dip the whales wants it just like happened with ENJIN last few weeks.

But to prove our point further have a look at the work carried out here for ENJIN and spot the errors.

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