Hodling cryptocurrency (holding cryptocurrency mid-long-term) is becoming increasingly dangerous past-time for crypto fans.

Take the news yesterday for hodlers of all NFT coins that southerly’s had sold million dollars of digital assets affirming the market trend as rock solid pushing CHILIZ and ENJIN up in early trading only for them to get kicked back down by early American trading on the east coast.

Coins had lost 10% value again by then, yes day traders were in on it as there was very little else doing in the market but it seems the whales were yet again buying big and selling to quickly or should we say far quicker than normal.

We are still holding Chiliz and ENJ because we believe in their different approaches to all things NFT .

It’s true the market in general is rather weak mostly due to MUSK and WHALES and backed by media outlets that has no-clue how crypto actually works.

We take the view that its all about greedy big business getting rid of us little guys well they can get stuffed we are in it for the long haul, remember crypto is in most part a hobby in hobbies most folk spends their money and the money is gone but in crypto we spend our spare money and wait for its return and in most part it always delivers.

The difference is we control when we cash in not the whales forcing our hand at every turn just so they can buy more coins at a cheaper price so they control their ultimate profit margins going forward…