When ENJ hit $1 it was time to get out of dodge although some of the team wants to stay the course, But its only fair to our readers to state my reasons for leaving.

I love ENJIN and CHILIZ we all do but this current market is out of control, whales decided greed was better than just playing fair so I hope they burn in hell in the nicest possible way of course!

These altcoins will come good again but by the time the Asian market opens and closes by Tuesday morning if and when I re-join I will have amassed at least another 30% more coins than I had before writing this article.

You got to love those china men who always pop up on time just to stick the boot in at the wrong time and all the whales do is make it harder for crypto to become the currency of the people and only the currency of the super rich well not this time.

Now we are going to play the whales game and buy at rock bottom but whatever happens we will overcome, I feel sorry for all the hard working NFT projects and this will only make it harder to raise money for R and D in the future got to hand it to these market manipulators they really know how to kill a market.

China is a smoke screen no-one cares where mining takes place anymore if anything BTC should have went to the moon if this was a real open market but more of us knows its not so all we are doing is saying you lead we follow lol

if we cant beat them join them see where it takes us all?

At the end of writing this ENJIN is trading at $0.9652 AT 12.15pm GMT 12 hours on it was trading just under $0.87.


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