The scary truth is you can’t fix a broken cryptocurrency market if that said market has zero enforceable regulations and no-one to oversee its done fairly.

Altcoin latest news is a lay mans  website yes that means we are just like our readers we don’t pander to the market we just tell you what we see not to go so to speak.

We were the first to tell you all the market was broken yet again and there was no bottom in sight some of you listened others did not that’s fine by us in CRYPTO YOU NEVER INVEST WHICH YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE IT ALL.

But we can try and advise and hopefully get it right in the short term, everyone wants to buy low and sell high but as the market is trading in a low value past 3 months balance sheet whether you buy now or wait for a 10% swing to the upside is going to make zero difference in a long-term bull market so lets be sensible and patient going forward.

Lets just say if WE were in charge of crypto the first thing we would do is ban the use of electronic buy and sell bots, basically the are killing the little guys, yes we can make our own and yes we to can make a killing just like the whales but one does not create a website just to line ones own pocket-well we don’t and before anyone says anything all the authors are in fact Scottish Freemasons our word, is our bond!

Which may seem strange as it seems some think the crashes are caused by us lot, not that we are aware of lol.

Reasons for the present market, that’s easy CENTRAL BANKS no regulations means no to little control which in turn means Governments.

That’s OK though because at least we know they are worried but to them its all about getting their fair share of the spoils and since they are miles behind they all would rather see the markets slow down anyway.

Four months ago they really got worried and started telling investors the were going to lose their entire investments including the Bank of England, so the only way central banks can control anything is if they are in fact also stakeholders so what does that mean.

In simple terms if all central banks works in tandem they have the power to crash and burn crypto markets anytime they feel like its so when they all work out how to tax all investors correctly we will be good to go again.

Nothing in this world financial markets are allowed to be dominant if the said controlling banks don’t get their fair share of the spoils.

So what does this mean for smart contracts, our best guess is its still full steam ahead we just think central banks will also be offering better smart deals in the future as its no secret they are adopting blockchain as well as they have no security choice.

What does that mean for NFT’s? Well its no surprise we love ENJIN and CHILIZ on this site and if you have been paying attention if the above has not taught you anything at all your investing in the wrong altcoins as far as we humbly state.

When is a good time to buy/invest again well the point is both NFTs above are around 4 times less than they were 3 months ago and both at their peaks was about to push to x10 before the whales got greedy so whether you buy now and hold or buy cheaper and hold when it goes x10 its going to be of little consequence unless your a whale rather than a bottom feeder like us!

We say it like it is with no apologies, sometimes we get things wrong we are only human after all and we don’t control the market we write about we just talk out loud for others to make up their own minds, WE are Not financial advisors and never will be in the crypto space! 

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