Latest batch of the crypto downgrades overnight in Asia is nothing new and if you got out at the wrong time this morning you acept your starting to learn its just a tree shaking excersise to make whales even richer.

Yes its that simple, most coins and tokens lost up to 20% from their values at 11pm GMT last night.

If your new to this trading and you see it crashing across the board get out straight away if you miss it by a few hours chances are you will get burned in the process.

Best adice is to sit tight and wait for the rebound and enjoy the ride as so far every correction has recovered it ground and overtook its last high point.

Now if your a long term investor you should not care so none of this story will apply to you.

At the American open they recovered half their loses not its the time for the yanks to buy cheap and max their profits soon its the way this stupid market works for the rich who only get richer by this mass sell orders.

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