ALTCOINS IN HEAVY WEEKEND LOSSES. Altcoins in heavy weekend losses have extended across all altcoins and tokens that range between 6 and 30% in the last 2 days of trading. The good thing is it seems to be nothing more than a timely market correction none of these projects are suddenly bad therefore its certain… Continue reading ALTCOINS IN HEAVY WEEKEND LOSSES.


ALTCOINS SECRET ALGORITHMS. Altcoins, Bitcoin Secret Algorithms, all the big boys have them but for the little guys like us we have to have a system of understanding only what their buying and selling orders kicks in. At Altcoin Latest News we think we are close into fully understanding most high financial houses strategies are… Continue reading ALTCOINS SECRET ALGORITHMS.

AAVE chart explanation

Chart explanation for AAVE with no sell but good technical education His chart can be found at His video at Do click on his video and like and subscribe…