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    After a few months away we are back in again, we don’t think its fair just writing crypto stories for the sake of it.

    We still think there’s a possibility of another crypto crash during the American nonsense about to begin in October.

    We will keep our readers fully informed once we get going again but we still love BTC, ETH, ENJ, CHILIZ and XRP to name but a few and some of the team here has stayed long for the last 5 moths brave some would say but its paid off even my wife stayed strong with ENJIN. LOL

    We have had a few server errors that was out of our control which we are very sorry for hopefully all sorted now.



    Time to pull out of cryptocurrency at least in the short term as the entire market loses faith, traffic and momentum.

    BTC has tried 6 times to recover its loses and utterly failed, so far.

    Its also fair to say world governments hate the fact they cant control De-FI  and will do all they can to destroy investor confidence either to control or get in themselves at a knockdown price or both.

    USA and most other big governments are printing money like there’s no tomorrow this can only equate to a massive crash and crypto is a great indictor that investors are cashing in crypto to support their fait  portfolios.

    If the market jumps up before the crash its not going to make any real world difference but a crash will!

    Having a crypto web space also comes with responsibility, most of us are just small investors so to us its time to bail out but as an ex currency dealer its my best guess where this is heading but i will never not invest in this market it is the future for all!



    Cryptocurrency requires new investors as it seems the last crash was a whales correction far to far for hardened altcoin investors.

    Not for the first time we just say it like it is and tell everyone to us at this juncture it seems that there’s very few new investors to the this market in general.

    Its been a very hard few months but although there seems to be less venturous souls willing to take the plunge it does seem at this point at least calmer but with a lot of coins not moving much crypto requires new investors urgently.

    We will stand by and hopefully see the fruits of all our endeavour’s back into much needed profitability.



    The scary truth is you can’t fix a broken cryptocurrency market if that said market has zero enforceable regulations and no-one to oversee its done fairly.

    Altcoin latest news is a lay mans  website yes that means we are just like our readers we don’t pander to the market we just tell you what we see not to go so to speak.

    We were the first to tell you all the market was broken yet again and there was no bottom in sight some of you listened others did not that’s fine by us in CRYPTO YOU NEVER INVEST WHICH YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE IT ALL.

    But we can try and advise and hopefully get it right in the short term, everyone wants to buy low and sell high but as the market is trading in a low value past 3 months balance sheet whether you buy now or wait for a 10% swing to the upside is going to make zero difference in a long-term bull market so lets be sensible and patient going forward.

    Lets just say if WE were in charge of crypto the first thing we would do is ban the use of electronic buy and sell bots, basically the are killing the little guys, yes we can make our own and yes we to can make a killing just like the whales but one does not create a website just to line ones own pocket-well we don’t and before anyone says anything all the authors are in fact Scottish Freemasons our word, is our bond!

    Which may seem strange as it seems some think the crashes are caused by us lot, not that we are aware of lol.

    Reasons for the present market, that’s easy CENTRAL BANKS no regulations means no to little control which in turn means Governments.

    That’s OK though because at least we know they are worried but to them its all about getting their fair share of the spoils and since they are miles behind they all would rather see the markets slow down anyway.

    Four months ago they really got worried and started telling investors the were going to lose their entire investments including the Bank of England, so the only way central banks can control anything is if they are in fact also stakeholders so what does that mean.

    In simple terms if all central banks works in tandem they have the power to crash and burn crypto markets anytime they feel like its so when they all work out how to tax all investors correctly we will be good to go again.

    Nothing in this world financial markets are allowed to be dominant if the said controlling banks don’t get their fair share of the spoils.

    So what does this mean for smart contracts, our best guess is its still full steam ahead we just think central banks will also be offering better smart deals in the future as its no secret they are adopting blockchain as well as they have no security choice.

    What does that mean for NFT’s? Well its no surprise we love ENJIN and CHILIZ on this site and if you have been paying attention if the above has not taught you anything at all your investing in the wrong altcoins as far as we humbly state.

    When is a good time to buy/invest again well the point is both NFTs above are around 4 times less than they were 3 months ago and both at their peaks was about to push to x10 before the whales got greedy so whether you buy now and hold or buy cheaper and hold when it goes x10 its going to be of little consequence unless your a whale rather than a bottom feeder like us!

    We say it like it is with no apologies, sometimes we get things wrong we are only human after all and we don’t control the market we write about we just talk out loud for others to make up their own minds, WE are Not financial advisors and never will be in the crypto space! 

    More reading here!





    Sea of red for most cryptocurrencies continues to depress the altcoin markets with no end in sight!

    It’s been a terrible time for investors and all the altcoin markets, investors in Portugal are reeling after an investment house as run off with 3.6 billion Euro’s of investors cash although they think of it is recoverable!

    Greed by the whales continues to drain the swamp, Banks threatening customers they are removing access, credit card companies wanting their money back all designed to squeeze the little guys in order to buy altcoins as cheap as chips.

    Then we have Asian markets taking as much profits as the west can make for them all adds up to a crap-shoot.

    Where do we go from here well things are not as bad as the make out, therefore its just more of the same manipulation of driving values down.

    ENJIN has dropped over $3B in last few months which is just crazy and proves the market is broken but whales will still make a killing when the tide turns again and it will.

    All charters are lost as all support levels have been breached therefore a complete novice has as much of a clue as the so-called pro’s.

    When to buy? If the market falls another 20-20% by Tuesday 29th am back in for the long haul but will also be day trading in the short term as its just so volatile these days but don’t invest if you cant afford to lose it all.



    When ENJ hit $1 it was time to get out of dodge although some of the team wants to stay the course, But its only fair to our readers to state my reasons for leaving.

    I love ENJIN and CHILIZ we all do but this current market is out of control, whales decided greed was better than just playing fair so I hope they burn in hell in the nicest possible way of course!

    These altcoins will come good again but by the time the Asian market opens and closes by Tuesday morning if and when I re-join I will have amassed at least another 30% more coins than I had before writing this article.

    You got to love those china men who always pop up on time just to stick the boot in at the wrong time and all the whales do is make it harder for crypto to become the currency of the people and only the currency of the super rich well not this time.

    Now we are going to play the whales game and buy at rock bottom but whatever happens we will overcome, I feel sorry for all the hard working NFT projects and this will only make it harder to raise money for R and D in the future got to hand it to these market manipulators they really know how to kill a market.

    China is a smoke screen no-one cares where mining takes place anymore if anything BTC should have went to the moon if this was a real open market but more of us knows its not so all we are doing is saying you lead we follow lol

    if we cant beat them join them see where it takes us all?

    At the end of writing this ENJIN is trading at $0.9652 AT 12.15pm GMT 12 hours on it was trading just under $0.87.


    more here.



    The cryptocurrency market is broken not since 2017 has it got this bad and support levels are being breached on almost every coin.

    But it gets worse there is zero fundamental reasons for this latest dump of just about every coin and token.

    In the last few years the east raised the value and the west took the profits over the last few months this trend seems to have reversed.

    The largest problem and the reason we say its broken is the fact when it sells off every coin is effected when it goes up 90% goes up therefore its no longer a free market its basically fixed in favour of the huge whales with their mega programmed bots.

    De-Fi cant succeed under these conditions, NFT’s can’t function if digital assets cant accumulate, therefore the folks behind this downtrend better tread very carefully or they will price themselves out of the very market they are trying to control.

    Some projects has lost a Billion dollars through no-fault of their own if they dont make money why bother on the first place???

    Banks are starting to ban deposits into exchanges so come on guys get a grip and sort it oot (out) as the say in Scotland.



    This should be Enjin coins greatest day at the office but its turning into a living nightmare so far with it losing over 10% of its value.

    So today was the open auction of the long waited ENFINITY PROJECT that in conjunction with POKODOT was going to be the great next evolution in blockchain by reducing fees and speeding up transactions.

    We think it will and will work as promised over the short term and well into the future, it also proves that no matter what great new products projects comes up with it has virtually no bearing on altcoin values.

    Anyway that’s my little rant over, god its great having a site where one can vent their anger out at which makes be really appreciate all our readers frustrations that can’t do likewise at this crazy altcoin times.

    But we still love our Altcoins even if we get poorer every day, what we do is smile and tell ourselves hay man its crypto we are just going with the flow, relax man it will one come good!



    Hodling cryptocurrency (holding cryptocurrency mid-long-term) is becoming increasingly dangerous past-time for crypto fans.

    Take the news yesterday for hodlers of all NFT coins that southerly’s had sold million dollars of digital assets affirming the market trend as rock solid pushing CHILIZ and ENJIN up in early trading only for them to get kicked back down by early American trading on the east coast.

    Coins had lost 10% value again by then, yes day traders were in on it as there was very little else doing in the market but it seems the whales were yet again buying big and selling to quickly or should we say far quicker than normal.

    We are still holding Chiliz and ENJ because we believe in their different approaches to all things NFT .

    It’s true the market in general is rather weak mostly due to MUSK and WHALES and backed by media outlets that has no-clue how crypto actually works.

    We take the view that its all about greedy big business getting rid of us little guys well they can get stuffed we are in it for the long haul, remember crypto is in most part a hobby in hobbies most folk spends their money and the money is gone but in crypto we spend our spare money and wait for its return and in most part it always delivers.

    The difference is we control when we cash in not the whales forcing our hand at every turn just so they can buy more coins at a cheaper price so they control their ultimate profit margins going forward…



    I have waited a few days to calm down from Musk’s latest tweet speaking a much sense as trump getting reinstated to the white house by August, this crypto A-Hole needs to grow up.

    He speaks utter crypto crap at best, he destroys peoples savings and thinks 
    he all powerful when in reality its about his own ego just like the Donald.

    He wants Dogecoin to be top dog, We think he’s in financial trouble there is simply no other reason to be this stupid.

    He better watch out its easy just to sell his coin and switch to something better our community has had enough of him and the whales.

    If your like us sell dogecoin and get him where it hurts just like what he has done to so many others its the only way to sort him out for the sake of our community!