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When ENJ hit $1 it was time to get out of dodge although some of the team wants to stay the course, But its only fair to our readers to state my reasons for leaving.

I love ENJIN and CHILIZ we all do but this current market is out of control, whales decided greed was better than just playing fair so I hope they burn in hell in the nicest possible way of course!

These altcoins will come good again but by the time the Asian market opens and closes by Tuesday morning if and when I re-join I will have amassed at least another 30% more coins than I had before writing this article.

You got to love those china men who always pop up on time just to stick the boot in at the wrong time and all the whales do is make it harder for crypto to become the currency of the people and only the currency of the super rich well not this time.

Now we are going to play the whales game and buy at rock bottom but whatever happens we will overcome, I feel sorry for all the hard working NFT projects and this will only make it harder to raise money for R and D in the future got to hand it to these market manipulators they really know how to kill a market.

China is a smoke screen no-one cares where mining takes place anymore if anything BTC should have went to the moon if this was a real open market but more of us knows its not so all we are doing is saying you lead we follow lol

if we cant beat them join them see where it takes us all?

At the end of writing this ENJIN is trading at $0.9652 AT 12.15pm GMT 12 hours on it was trading just under $0.87.


more here.



The cryptocurrency market is broken not since 2017 has it got this bad and support levels are being breached on almost every coin.

But it gets worse there is zero fundamental reasons for this latest dump of just about every coin and token.

In the last few years the east raised the value and the west took the profits over the last few months this trend seems to have reversed.

The largest problem and the reason we say its broken is the fact when it sells off every coin is effected when it goes up 90% goes up therefore its no longer a free market its basically fixed in favour of the huge whales with their mega programmed bots.

De-Fi cant succeed under these conditions, NFT’s can’t function if digital assets cant accumulate, therefore the folks behind this downtrend better tread very carefully or they will price themselves out of the very market they are trying to control.

Some projects has lost a Billion dollars through no-fault of their own if they dont make money why bother on the first place???

Banks are starting to ban deposits into exchanges so come on guys get a grip and sort it oot (out) as the say in Scotland.



This should be Enjin coins greatest day at the office but its turning into a living nightmare so far with it losing over 10% of its value.

So today was the open auction of the long waited ENFINITY PROJECT that in conjunction with POKODOT was going to be the great next evolution in blockchain by reducing fees and speeding up transactions.

We think it will and will work as promised over the short term and well into the future, it also proves that no matter what great new products projects comes up with it has virtually no bearing on altcoin values.

Anyway that’s my little rant over, god its great having a site where one can vent their anger out at which makes be really appreciate all our readers frustrations that can’t do likewise at this crazy altcoin times.

But we still love our Altcoins even if we get poorer every day, what we do is smile and tell ourselves hay man its crypto we are just going with the flow, relax man it will one come good!



Hodling cryptocurrency (holding cryptocurrency mid-long-term) is becoming increasingly dangerous past-time for crypto fans.

Take the news yesterday for hodlers of all NFT coins that southerly’s had sold million dollars of digital assets affirming the market trend as rock solid pushing CHILIZ and ENJIN up in early trading only for them to get kicked back down by early American trading on the east coast.

Coins had lost 10% value again by then, yes day traders were in on it as there was very little else doing in the market but it seems the whales were yet again buying big and selling to quickly or should we say far quicker than normal.

We are still holding Chiliz and ENJ because we believe in their different approaches to all things NFT .

It’s true the market in general is rather weak mostly due to MUSK and WHALES and backed by media outlets that has no-clue how crypto actually works.

We take the view that its all about greedy big business getting rid of us little guys well they can get stuffed we are in it for the long haul, remember crypto is in most part a hobby in hobbies most folk spends their money and the money is gone but in crypto we spend our spare money and wait for its return and in most part it always delivers.

The difference is we control when we cash in not the whales forcing our hand at every turn just so they can buy more coins at a cheaper price so they control their ultimate profit margins going forward…



I have waited a few days to calm down from Musk’s latest tweet speaking a much sense as trump getting reinstated to the white house by August, this crypto A-Hole needs to grow up.

He speaks utter crypto crap at best, he destroys peoples savings and thinks 
he all powerful when in reality its about his own ego just like the Donald.

He wants Dogecoin to be top dog, We think he’s in financial trouble there is simply no other reason to be this stupid.

He better watch out its easy just to sell his coin and switch to something better our community has had enough of him and the whales.

If your like us sell dogecoin and get him where it hurts just like what he has done to so many others its the only way to sort him out for the sake of our community!



Altcoins are moving upwards but slowly and is better than the fast and crash of the past.

Most coins and tokens on average are moving within a 5% plus moving average per day/week which is better than any bank interest rate no matter the level of investments.

There’s not been much news on the altcoin front apart from more and more evidence coming to the fore the last crash was due to large (whale) holdings deliberately selling off their holdings in order to buy cheap and increasing their holdings by the use of electronic programmed selling and buying bots which is exactly what this website claimed at the time,

So it seems we were right all along the fundamental’s were strong and confidence killing was the order of the day only for the benefit of the greedy whales.

De-Fi is speeding ahead in the background so crypto is here to stay no matter what you might read on the web again controlled by even larger whales.



ENJIN Coin Price Predictions are so hard to quantify there’s no point speculating beyond doing what we crypto investors do best, pick a coin or tokens and hope for the best!

Now the fact we on this site loves ENJIN, CHILIZ, UTRUST, KNC, ETH, BTC, ADA, AAVE and a few others because we invest ourselves and some of us are DE-FI experts in their own right predicting coin prices is so hard its impossible to judge.

Any site that does is just looking for web traffic, moreover with the last price crash all coins died a death together no matter how good their actual projects were.

We have been in crypto along time and its only fair to tell our growing army of fans that price predictions are for the birds, now charting is a little different and the professionals use and act on it all the time.

They are good at alerting you of the potential pumps but don’t tell you how long it will last for but for short term day trading it can be an option.

For what its worth before ENJ hit $4 each we thought it was a $10 coin all day long and the reason we held and was huddling even after a 75% fall to under $1 but came back this morning when it was only $1.15c I was watching increasing volumes and knew it was about pump big!

No-one saw it coming yet we did and we don’t chart or predict anything shows its not an exact science therefore stick to great projects you like and stick with it.

If the project is fantastic then if there’s no bad news and the coin or token drops like hell buy at the bottom of the dip the whales wants it just like happened with ENJIN last few weeks.

But to prove our point further have a look at the work carried out here for ENJIN and spot the errors.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2023 (



We are back on our favourite coin with ENJIN Coin, we moved our position with Chiliz but we watch all coins closely we just think Enjin will perform better over the short to medium term but smile a lot because after all its only crypto!

This morning proved it was time to jump ship as we are close to 40% up on the day so far and one of the largest one day gainers.

All enjin needs now is a better marketing team and off to the moon we go, we wish chiliz all the best and I will be investing again in just a few days time as they are both cracking NFT projects.




We told you yesterday that greed and the whales were going to far in this market and was one of the only news outlets that stuck our necks out and said so!

Anyone new to the altcoin markets reading this story whatever you do dont listen to charters or sites that give you the so-called actionable actions as everyone of them yesterday was telling investors to SELL not BUY.

The main reason they failed and got it wrong was they dont control the markets the whales do along with electronic bots that sell and buy at the whim of the big boys.

The best part is from here or yesterday the market will top out again after a 150-250% before MUSK opens his gob again and we are back to square one all over again.

We have learned though capitulation only works if the market panicks and sells, we think more and more sellers will be asking why they did that?

Take CHILIZ 80% of its huddlers hold the stock yet it dropped 70% in value so how does that work ah minipulation you may say, well thats what we think unless someone else has the definitive answer other than this one?

To new investors what does this mean for you, well you pays your money and you join the rest of us on a jorney of discovery we are but followers in most part to the whims and desires of the whales when they profit take so do we.

It is like the little fish that follow great white sharks they always get a free meal if you stick close to your meal tickets directions its no different here.

Now it goes without question to do the above you basically come to this as a day trader or your a speculator (a hope for the best merchant) most of this author team is huddlers we take the pain but in reality its only short term paper losses we only sell when we choose too not when the whales wants us to?

If day trading is your idea we will explain tomorrow how we do it and with who and why them on particular.

More on this story here.




Never have I seen a market being so controlled to this point where the mega rich decides if a project survives or crashes out of existence.

Like the usual we now say it like we find it and yesterdays trading example was the worst example yet of market manipulation that’s not been seen in years.

It’s not meant to be this way, it’s all meant to me about individual projects  is any wonder not a single project has made a PR statement as yet.

So it seems the projects are either terrified to say anything or they all know things our community does not!

We are still sticking the course there is no fundamental reasons why many altcoins are now down 75% from 4 weeks ago therefore it has to be down to the whales and their programmed bots driving the markets down to the point where they get everything cheap as chips.

Yesterday saw every coin going up and down at exactly the same time, the only way for this to work is by programmed buy and sell bots controlled by the whales and market watchers instantly spotting the change of direction making them even richer in a downward manner

Well they can if they want huddlers don’t care about short term huge losses De-Fi can’t survive unless there’s a very large pot of money coming from investor’s and this is no-way to encourage future  investment unless they were all in the plan start with to drive prices down and back up together.

They think we are all stupid but unlike a pyramid schemes where them that’s late to the party lose out we sill own the actual coins and our long-term goals will be met no-matter how the whales are trying to screw the little guys.

Take my 2 favourite altcoins both ENJIN and CHILIZ, they both have done so much business since the price downturn started in a fair market they both should have a $6-12 Billion market cap instead of this current price therefore its low level price action is NOT sustainable or the entire altcoin market is in great danger of dying forever.

BTC was always over sold that’s why there’s 10k altcoin registered projects out there and the reason ETH will overcome them as the market cap leaders no-matter what happens in the future.

Altcoins is for a hobby not a day to day living, we all know the risks of losing it all but that’s just a small large scale monetary loss the coins and tokens are still held by us.

If you trust the project stick with it, show the whales we are in it for the long haul, if your reading this and don’t follow our thoughts than get out of the market its not for you guys, there’s no shame in that.

We are buying the dip because we know its all BS and the market has to turn soon or even the whales huge virtual goldmines will stop feeding their bank balances forever and we all know they never bite off the hands that feeds it?

If its news to you you read it first here!