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It was always going to come to pass that the rich would buy BTC as the poor dived out of the cryptocurrency all together, well it wont work!

All the top banks are on one hand publicly telling the world crypto is bad for ones health nut privately telling their rich clients to buy the very same digital assets.

When the market goes up 30% per day the poor say thank you very much, when it drops 30% they bail out and the rich ends up getting your future profits.

We keep saying altcoin projects with a great team and know-how wont bail out because their market value cap dropped 50% yesterday will they.

How is it every bad news day turns out that the only winners are the rich, altcoins is a hobby nothing more nothing less for most of our readership so if its your day trading business this story is not for you but the rest of us says no we are in it for the long haul we can play chicken as long as the rich guys or we are doomed to be poor forever! Not much change there then!


Turns out, THE CRASH was a rehashed story from reutters from 4 YEARS AGO! Who says big business was not behind it all, well we never sold in fact we bought big into ENJ and CHILIZ!



If your into just the NFT part of the crypto market this is actulally a great day for you as the news out of China that they will stop using crypto for payments is going to hurt them more than they now relise.

China can’t stop De-Fi it truth no governments can its a runaway train with unlimited tracks.

But its great news for all us NFT buyers and holders as as the likes of Chiliz and Enjin are now the go to crypto safe heaven so much so I steamed in first thing this morning and picked a few juicy NFT bargains myself.

Its just a case of central Governments kicking themselves they missed the cryptocurrency boat and and feel the best way to compete is by throwing the dummies out and at the same time do what the rest of us experts atr doing buying the dips,

Its not financial advice its just common sense and just smile after all this is just altcoins in the very early days, NFT’s are the future they always were and in a few years time we will all be proved to be right, he says hopefully.

Remember its just a hobby till it becomes more so only invest if you can afford to lose it all yet rge same can be said about any investments and theres no reason for anyone to claim otherwise.

Its rather curious though how Swissborg decided to do a systems refresh on the european open this morning perhaps this news from china was not as the bolt out of the blue as some thought?



Chiliz Coin is about to pump again like theres no tomorrow at only $0.42-44 tonight don’t say we never told you.

While the market has been consumed by the yanks selling to pay their taxes or Musk being the clown he always has been to the whales trying the scare hoddlers to death chiliz has stayed solid at 39-45 cent range while all other coins has dropped like a stone.

In recent weeks they have been busy signing up just about every sports teams the world of sport wants to engage in fan tokens and they can’t do that unless they but the coins firstn very clever!

Below the source from

CHZ Price Live Data

The live Chiliz price today is $0.419374 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $403,845,526 USD. Chiliz is up 4.96% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #58, with a live market cap of $2,432,351,438 USD. It has a circulating supply of 5,799,955,194 CHZ coins and a max. supply of 8,888,888,888 CHZ coins.

If you would like to know where to buy Chiliz, the top exchanges for trading in Chiliz are currently BinanceHuobi GlobalOKExFTX, and CoinTiger. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

What is Chiliz?

Chiliz (CHZ) is the leading digital currency for sports and entertainment, powering the world’s first blockchain-based fan engagement & rewards platform Fans can purchase & trade branded Fan Tokens as well as having the ability to participate, influence, and vote in club-focused surveys & polls. Founded in Malta in 2018, the company’s vision is to bridge the gap between the active and passive fan, providing millions of sports fanatics a Fan Token which acts as a tokenized share of influence.




This is getting ridicules two days in a row at the same time all altcoins takes a dive off the cliff for a 20% nosedive into the abyss only for then to recover losses in a few minutes.

Yes it might be the whales and yes we know their greed for it all has no bounds but driving the little guys out just to satisfy their utter greed and given the de-fi market hawks are watching it just amazes me why we all stay in this stupid game of chicken!

Whatever anyone says even stock markets don’t dive that quick of-course they don’t use block-chain the same way!

Its being caused by selling bots being programmed to sell big all over the globe then when it hits the low number the same bots start buying up everything cheaper, well we know their game now and we made a small fortune ourselves so thank you for that!

Its easy for others to follow suit all one has to do is follow your own coins progress early evening if its going up fast sell at top and wait till the 1 min charts shows it shooting up if the whales can do it so can we?

We can do do that if we are lucky enough to get on our exchanges to make the trades which is a living nightmare for investors using slow internet connections.

We are honest investors, get a grip guys there’s no need for these self inflicted wounds that will force the regulators hands unless of-course it was their idea’s?



Altcoin Market Corrections are meant to cool the markets not go on the opposite directions all due to BTC dying and ETH expanding.

So the market dropped between 10-20% last night within 6 minutes and altough we saw it happening most exchanges crashed and trading was haled for around 25 minutes across the market place.

The main target we think was ETH but in reality all it did was make it obvious its in reality one of the strongest coins currently.

As we stated beforea the whales are killing this market place or its by design by greedy etailers wanting to drop every little investor so they can mop up the spoils as cheap as chips.

Just keep a look out on the 1 minute charts for big movements as most corrections comes a few hours before the Asian markets opens up for early morning trading, so just be aware.

We dropped our enjin, well I did in favour of CHILIZ only reason was because I heard they were in talks with my Scottish football team, Aberdeen FC.

If its untrue I dont care as they have a better marketing team than ENJIN when ENJ addresses that big problem I will return but NFT’s are the altcoin future and again the whales are are circlying the small fish ready for the quick kill to max out their profits down the line.

No-one will tell you altcoins is currently for the faint hearted or a quick get rich past-time although it is for many, just remember dont invest in altcoins unless you can lose it all and not worry about it, stick to great projects they will deliver in the end.

Best advice is to just smile and take it on the chin, take it like a man or woman, remember its only crypto!



ENJ Coin Marketing Team Sucks at marketing their own products, I know some readers might think we are going a little strong but Crypto is all about hype as it is having great projects but both go together and projects can fail on a lot less.

There is no doubt they are a fantastic project and the reason this site is in it for the long haul but they need to pull the finger out and get their message out more, so far its been chronic at best, amateurish at worst!

Some long-term investors are getting fed-up with stupid tweets and most youtubers are getting less and less which only makes the lack of interest in the coin even worse.

Just how a potential $10B plus company can get this bad at marketing is quite shocking and the top 20 altcoin wannabe will be lucky to stay in the top 100 at this rate,

Here’s hoping they get a great marketing team in soon or they will just be another altcoin failure by not getting the basics right.

The purpose of running at altcoin website is to say it how it is, we are investors ourselves so we are sorry if this comes across a little strong its just how we feel as just like Marc Aurel Investments only difference is we are still in and this is just an interested blogger with constructive criticism.



Just to let all our readers know that it seems the last 4 weeks sideways enjin coin is finally on the move up today and started arounf 11.40 GMT its now at $2.64 up from $2.44.

More on this story shortly.



Crypto is so fixed its scary sometimes but we are here to guild you into the murky waters of Altcoins.

I totally get why many in the world stock markets wants crypto regulated if the past few weeks is anything to go by.

You would have to be really stupid of an investor not to notice all the games the financial whales are playing where normal business fundamentals simply don’t exist of the needs of the big players on the markets to panic the little guys into sell mentality capitulation.

There’s a great way to beat it though by playing their own games, just before the Asian market open if you notice your own coin collapses moth days simply bail out three hours before and watch the minute charts for the bottom and rise, try it with small amounts first and once the whales knows the secret is out they will stop this stupid practice designed to panic you the investor, smile its just crypto.

Whales Are Killing Cryptocurrency.

Whales Are Killing Cryptocurrency.

Whales Are Killing Cryptocurrency STONE DEAD for the little guys, anyone notice at certain times of the day all over the world our crypto is dropping off a cliff and it has nothing to do with day trading or normal profit taking.

This in our opinion is out and out greed because the whales and the etailers can only for the coins to drop around 10% only for them to climbback up to new session highs.

It took a few days to get evidence of this new trend all in a plan to shake us little guys before altcoin prices look to artifically low people in power might think its fixed and has to be regulated after all.

We are but one website claiming its happening, its obvious what is going on with every coin that soon with go 5-10 x.

So we say smile, watch and learn and do nothing at let them whales and large banks shake you to death, remember we are in crypto for a laugh 90% knew its as risky as hell pick your altcoin/s and stay the course untill you decide to check out on your terms not theres.

There is no fundemental reasons for these coins to all dip at once, so its planned and we think by greedy whales before the big blast off to the moon and beyond remember unlike most good scams investors lose everything good coins attached to good projects will always have a strong value like enjin although do your own research.

Remember if you pay fees rather than being a hodler like us your balances lately on fees must be out of this world and if you stayed in 1 asset count the cost yourselves so right now dont be fooled get even!



ENJIN coin YouTube health warning for all budding ENJ adopters whatever you do don’t watch the latest videos on this coin as they are total crap.

Yes 3 days after the corrections or whatever it was every ENJIN coin predication is full of gloom and doom when this site stated there was nothing wrong, its one of the greatest projects out there.

Having a bit-coin nightmare does not mean an alt coin project goes down the drain take what you hear with a pinch of salt ENJ will deliver the goods just like Marc says in his enjin video’s, follow him if no one else here?

Now there’s also a few chancers being so conservative with price predictions anyone can predict them that are so low they cant help but get it right its silly season guys.

Since this morning 9;00 HRS GMT its went up from $1.17 to $1.75 at 04;31 a one day jump of $0.58c so far in one day check out all the recent enj video’s and get a great laugh only one recent one kind of got it right but most of the film was about the downside.

Good job the retail traders knows best! And us?