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Altcoin Latest News. Your new one stop shop to all things great in the Altcoin World more and more of us is joining daily.

Altcoin Latest News, will give you all the latest news whats moving and sinking, yes that as well but unlike the stock markets most altcoins always bounce back in their own special way.

As a former stock market trader, I came to this rather late just like many of you thinking will I, Won’t I and my answer is yes but as we are NOT financial advisors.

I would say only invest in what you can afford to lose, no matter how good or how lucky you become in the first few weeks in this new game, go easy till you learn the processes first the more you know the more confidence you will have to invest more hard-earned.

Its been an exciting week for the folks at Swissborg one of my favs started last Monday till yesterday morning with over 100% profit on the investment theres lots of examples like that all over the Altcoin market.

We all have our own advices in this area but in my humble opinion until you get to the investment of choice always think daily percentages for every 100 in local currency you buy into its the percentage rate on the day as compound profits!

So for example say you see an altcoin going through the roof at 50% that day no matter where you start at the end of that day its still 150 total so in reality if you buy cheap say 2 cents and it goes to 4 cents that’s 100% profit in one day!

Before you know it you will be driving a brand new Lamborghini and got my boy at Loma in Monaco to give you the perfect set of rims with discount!

One of the best ways to start is getting free coins or tokens just do a search for free tokens or altcoins in here, these tokens start earning as soon as the second you get them into your newly opened altcoin accounts. What you waiting for join today!

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